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Program of the event

Until the day of the event, there may be minor deviations regarding the timeline.

Lecture Hall
Event Activities


Event opening

At the start of the event, we will announce the program for UmiKo 2024 on stage


Discover the Golden Age of Video Games

Join us for Retro Video Game Day! Let's revive memories and have fun with legendary games from the past in a pleasant company.


Photo corner

Visit our wonderful photo corner at the fair! Create unforgettable memories with friends and family and have fun photos in our unique setting.


Enjoy the World of Video Games!

Join us for relaxed video game play during the fair! We invite you to visit our gaming corner during the fair, where we will have various gaming consoles and games available for all participants. Bring your friends and join us in exploring the worlds of video games and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere amidst the hustle and bustle of the fair. All game lovers are welcome!



Mahjong is a classic Chinese tile-based game played by four players, aiming to form specific tile combinations to achieve the highest score. It requires strategic thinking and luck, making it a popular and engaging social activity.


Board games

Board games are a great way to have fun and socialize with friends and family, offering a variety of challenges and the opportunity to create unforgettable moments together.


Treasure Hunt
Join us for an exciting Treasure Hunt at our event! Discover hidden treasures, solve clues, and have a thrilling adventure with friends and family. In cooperation with the ANIMOKU association.


D&D (Amulet D20)

The Slovenian fantasy society Amulet D20, which is present with its activities in all regions and in recent years also abroad, will present itself at the stand. The mission of the association is to encourage enthusiasm for fantastic hobbies, which will also be presented as part of the stand at the Retreat. The members of Amluet D20 will offer visitors the opportunity to play the board game Dungeons & Dragons in the form of short one-hour "one shots". There will be painting of small figures that can be used in various board games. The hobby of "wargaming" (strategic war tabletop games), which is on the rise, will also be presented. Tabletop battles will be tested by running demo games for Conquest (Para Bellum Games) and Star Wars Legion (Atomic Mass Games). The listed activities will be available from the very beginning until the end of the convention. More information and applications for D&D one shots and "wargames" will be available at the booth at the event itself.


Laser saber combat

Ludo Sport FVG is an Italian association that deals with laser swordsmanship known from Star Wars. On the outdoor balcony, you will be able to watch their activity and try your hand at laser saber fencing.


Comic book drawing workshop (Wizards of Istria)

The cycle of comic book making workshops continues, which arouses more and more interest among young people!
The comic making workshop brings together various illustrators and writers or just those who are still flirting with comics. The cycle of workshops is aimed at socializing and getting to know creators, sharing and developing ideas, and supporting the creation of the final product - an author's comic! To participate in the workshop, you do not need prior knowledge, just a bit of imagination and the will to create. If cartoonists and writers have already collected their own material for creating a story, you can have it with you if you wish (in digital or physical form). "Painters and writers" will meet (almost) every first Thursday of the month, starting at 5 p.m., in the Koper Youth Center. Track the dates at the event! For more information, you can contact the instagram profile: @wizardsofistria


Lucky draw event

Join us for our lucky draw during the event! Experience the excitement and the chance to win wonderful prizes for only €2 per ticket. Don't miss this opportunity!


Program announcement

At 11:00 o'clock we will officially open the doors and start the event. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance. At the UMIKO info point, you can get the information you are interested in throughout the event.


Performance: Anime hip-hop

Jernej Kozan, hip-hop and popping dancer, otaku, graphic designer, father of a year-old boy (next gen otaku).


Performance: K-pop :Luna+Maxim + Anja Trebec & Ana Švara + Dance Mixture

To start the event, we will be enthralled by female dancers who will dance to well-known K-pop songs.


Lecture: Discover the secrets of the spider lily

Discover the secrets of the spider lily at our botanical lecture! Marko will present the botany of this flower, explain its symbolism and motifs from the world of anime. He will also present his own example of the cultivation of spider lilies in Slovenia. You will also be able to buy bulbs of this rare and beautiful flower at our info stand. The lecture will be held in Slovenian and was made possible by the Koper Students' Association (KŠOK).


Performance: Samurai Fencing

Meč will re-enact the skills of samurai swordsmanship. Attention: do not stand too close!


Travel Lecture: Journey to the land of a strict totalitarian regime - North Korea

Igor Jurišič, president of the Travel Association of Slovenia, will take you on a journey to the land of a strict totalitarian regime - North Korea. What does an average day in Pyongyang look like, how do you even get there and what do you need to watch out for to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities...? The lecture will be held in Slovenian and was made possible by the Koper Students' Association (KŠOK).


Lecture: About illustrations

Dazzle comic is the brain child of Andrew Villone, an American living here in Koper. It’s his first comic (and he claims the only one that he will ever do). After barely more than a year after he launched it, there are already 6 issues with another 25-30 planned. His ultimate goal is to turn it into a streaming TV show.

Lecture in English!

Dazzle takes place in a traveling circus and is character-based, not plot-based. There is no hero, no villain and no manufactured plot devices. Each issue is set in different destinations in the real world, such as Hong Kong, Transylvania and Dubrovnik, and its characters hail from diverse places such as Georgia, Japan and Kazakhstan. Life mirrors art as the artists involved are also from all corners of the globe including Mexico City, Kyrgyzstan, Istanbul and here in Slovenia.

Andrew has no desire to be boxed into conventional comic book rules so he is transforming this comic into a collective where aspiring young artists (students, under 20 and amateurs) can all submit work and eventually contribute art and ideas as part of the paid Dazzle team. If you are interested in submitting your work to Dazzle, please contact Andrew at or via SMS at +386-40-526-182.


Competition: Street Fighter 6

In the gaming section, there will be a prize competition in Street Fighter 6, a popular video game. 1st prize a voucher from our sponsor Balix 80€, 2nd place a voucher from our sponsor Balix 50€ and 3rd place a voucher from our sponsor Balix 30€


Gaming Contest: Mario Kart

In the gaming section, there will be a prize competition in the video game Mario Kart. 1st prize a voucher from our sponsor Balix 80€, 2nd place a voucher from our sponsor Balix 50€ and 3rd place a voucher from our sponsor Balix 30€


Gaming Contest: Tekken 8

In the gaming section, there will be a prize competition in the video game Tekken 8. 1st prize a voucher from our sponsor Balix 80€, 2nd place a voucher from our sponsor Balix 50€ and 3rd place a voucher from our sponsor Balix 30€


Quiz: K-pop

All K-pop fans will be able to participate and test their knowledge of Korean music. Maxim Dovečar will lead the quiz and prepare questions and answers. The quiz will take place via the app Kahoot!, for which you only need a smartphone and an internet connection.


The workshop about styling cosplay wigs

The workshop will be led by Kani (@kani_.cos), who works in cosplay and also makes wigs to order. You will find out where she prefers to buy wigs herself, how brushing, cutting and styling are done. She will show you all the tricks on how to arrange a wig so that it is just like the one from the anime. The workshop will be held in English.


Quiz: Anime Openings

Animoku Association is preparing a quiz to test your knowledge of anime openings! The quiz will take place via the Kahoot! app. You will listen to short excerpts of the openings and have to figure out which anime the music was played in. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. Applications are not required.


Lecture: Hikikomori & Karoshi - Two sides of Japan

Ana Sedmak will explain why there are so many psychological themes in anime and manga, and then focus on two phenomena that we often encounter in them. These are hikikomori (total isolation) and karoshi (death by burnout). The phenomenon will be presented on concrete examples from anime. The lecture will be held in Slovenian.


Opening act: Douten Taiko

Douten Taiko breaks the silence and announces the start of the program on stage. Performance of traditional Japanese taiko drums.


Program announcement and presentation of sponsors

Announcement of the program on stage and presentation of the sponsors' products


Performance: Nico and Noemi

Nico and Noemi from Italy prepared a special cosplay performance for our audience.


Performance: PrismaGem

The Italian dance group PrismaGem not only dances to K-pop music, but also knows the choreography of famous J-pop and C-pop songs.


Cosplay announcement, with jury presentation

Meet the guest cosplayers who will be judging the participants in the cosplay contest.


Contest: Cosplay

As every year, the cosplay competition cannot be missed. This year we have introduced formal competition rules.


Singing Preformance: Amulet D20 - Back Alley Boys - lip sync

the Amulet D20 society will present us with a singing point.


Closing act: Douten Taiko

Douten Taiko returns to the stage to announce the closing part of the program with their performance.


Contests' Results and Awarding

On the main stage, all the winners of the competitions will be announced, and they will also be awarded prizes


End of the event

The official end of the event is at 8:00 p.m.

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